Why use R4 3DS

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS? If yes, then you probably have encountered problems such as low storage warnings etc. The 3DS is a very capable handheld console, and with its peripherals such as cameras, touchscreens etc. it has the potential to be a true mobile entertainment platform.

R4 3DS allows you to add a completely new level of functionality to your 3DS. Many people like to play games while traveling, and this is one of the main choices why they buy handheld consoles like Nintendo 3DS. However, on a long trip, you are due to get tired at some point and might just want to watch a movie. The built-in video app lets you access a few video systems online, and YouTube allows you to stream videos on your device. These services however require Wi-Fi connectivity, and this is not always the case. This is where local storage becomes important, and by default, the 3DS does not allow much control over it.

With R4 3DS you have total control over storage, as you are managing a whole other file system. This easy to access and use system is compatible with the best computer OS. You can simply drag and drop files and access them quickly on your 3DS. With the latest upgrades, you can store a lot of media in your 3DS. This can make your 3DS a portable cinema if you are a fan of movies, or a jukebox if you like to listen to a lot of music. Simply add the music by drag and dropping it, plug in the headphones, and escape the world.

The R4 3DS flashcard truly offers an outstanding functionality and compatibility for your 3DS, and it can help turn it into your main entertainment device.

How to use R4 3DS

The R4 3DS is a very simple to use flashcard. It comes pre-installed in the flashcard, and it’s ready to use right after unboxing. The whole flashcard is the same size as the original 3DS card, and the build quality of R4 3DS is solid. The plastic that is used is of great quality and is very sturdy. The flashcard smoothly slides inside the 3DS, without it damaging anything in the device.

To set up your R4 3DS http://www.r4revolution3dss.com/categories/R4-SDHC/, you have to connect the card to your PC by using the provided card adaptor included in the box. First, you have to format the card by right clicking on the icon on your computer. You have to format it as an FAT32 file format, and you have to tick off the Quick Format option. This will make sure that the installation is clear. Then you connect to the internet and search for the latest R4i SDHC 3DS in the language you prefer. After you download it, extract the files on the SD card and unplug it. Then simply insert the card into the 3DS and it’s ready to go.